eveloped by IMG Academies in partnership with Under Armour and Twist Sport Conditioning, Ignite 360 Sports Performance Training focuses on balance, dynamic high-speed mobility, coordination, total body strength, explosive power, quickness, reactivity, endurance, and anaerobic conditioning.


I360 Sports Performance Training

Be At Your Best — When Your Best Is Needed. Whatever the goal may be, a structured training program tailored to the individual or small group will yield the best results. Ship Shape Health and Fitness offers individual, small group, and team training with the sole purpose of providing a program poised to improve overall performance.

COST   ›   Individual: $80   /   Small Group: $50/person   /   Team: Call for Pricing

I360 Combines (Testing and Evaluation)

Ship Shape Health and Fitness offers sport specific evaluation including football, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and more. Combines are a 3 hour testing experience. Athletes will also receive an on-line profile allowing them to view their I360 score(s), as well as comparisons to other athletes around the world.

COST   ›   1st Combine: $99   /   Repeat Combines: $85

I360 Combine Private Groups & Teams (Testing and Evaluation)

Book your team in for a private I360 Combine. Each player will receive an on-line profile to view their results. Coaches will receive a summary of each players I360 testing results with recommendations of key areas the team needs to improve on. The Combine experience is 3 hours in length. 18 players maximum per team.

To inquire about Team and Large Group Rates, please call us at 609.502.4028 — or, if you prefer, please feel free to

Why Measure with a Ignite 360 Assessment?

Proper evaluation is the starting point in a 360 degree approach to performance improvement. Ignite360 Assessments provide the athlete and Sport Conditioning Coach with a benchmark to build from, as they take the next step in their training regimen. All training should be goal-oriented and should compare each athlete to their own progress, not just other athletes — a critical element in driving toward shared success.

What’s Your 360?




Consists of nine tests measuring athletic elements common across most sports including power, speed, strength, endurance and flexibility.




Every sport requires a different skill set for success. Based on their sport, the athlete will complete sport specific tests to measure the key components needed for success in that particular sport.


Athleticism is more than just strength and speed. Integrative Movement measures the athletes posture, balance, coordination, symmetry, and range of motion by examining how the nervous system interacts with the muscular system.


Vision is one of the most overlooked elements to athletic success despite virtually every athlete requiring hand-eye information. We measure the main movements performed by the eyes — left, right, up and down movements, as well as near and far.

Self Discipline



Assesses how an athlete sees their own mindset during practice and competition.


Assess how an athlete compliments their physical and mental abilities into interaction, in and out of the sport arena.


Helps identify the quality of what an athlete says they are eating, along with an insight into their knowledge base of nutrition.

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